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After School Club




After School Club is an OFSTED certified facility, run within the school building. This helps maintain the individual feel of the group, where everyone feels safe and the children are with their friends. Each member of staff knows the children, their individual needs and can help them to enjoy the creative and fulfilling sessions provided.


Recent OFSTED inspections applauded the great respect and interaction between the staff and children at the After School Club stating "They (the children) develop high levels of confidence and self-esteem because the staff ensure that each one of them is warmly welcomed into the club and valued."



The After School Club is run as part of our school under the leadership of our newly appointed manager, Mrs Slater, and her assistants, Mrs Hodgson, Mrs Spencer and Miss Hurst. We are committed to providing a quality, value for money service and positively contribute to the school's overall aims.


Whether your child would like to relax after school, get help with homework or join in exciting activities, we are here to ensure they are safe and have fun.


If you would like your child to attend the After School Club then please contact Mrs Slater through the school office or pop in and speak to any member of the After School Club staff at the end of the day.