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Art in School


Welcome to our GALLERY 

Here you will see just some of the wonderful Art and DT produced by our creative children. 


Congratulations to all the staff and children for achieving



Year 6

Experimenting with Moldable Materials

salt dough

We are working towards making sculptures inspired by Volcanoes. 

salt dough

Last week we experimented with Wet Felting, this week it was Salt Dough.

salt dough

After making their own dough the children learned how to make a pinch pot and coil pot. They then experimented with different tools to see what they could make.

salt dough

Visit again soon to see their finished Volcano inspired sculptures.


Our 1st Big Draw event was a great success.

Take a look at our photos.


Creating our bird mobiles.


Lost in drawing.


Our community doodle started to take shape.

It will soon be fitted to the Junior Playground wall for all to see.

Mum joins in

Everyone got stuck in.

Looking forward to next year.

If you have any ideas for a community art event let us know.

In September Year 6 were given the task of making soldier puppets as part of their study of

WW1 and War Horse.


Here you can see the first stage...making the foam head.

foam heads

The children then cut and fitted felt for the skin.

Cutting felt

Felt fitted   Fitted felt 

We added eyes and hair next. Some made eyes from felt and others from plastic spoons. We took time to think about how the soldiers may have been feeling and tried to show this in their expressions.

2 old men

Time to show off our fantastic puppets.

Finished puppets




Year 5

In October we made these great little houses inspired by Rishton...but a little more colourful!



Forest School Art

 with Year 1

Forest school

Year 1 went over to the school garden on the field to create beautiful art inspired by Andy Goldsworthy.

Forest school art

Forest school art

Year 3 Plant Structures

Year 3 were asked to make a structure that would support our pea plants.

They used willow rods cut from our living willow structures. Take a look at how they got on.

proud of their work.

Once the willow plant structures were made they went back to school to plant them in the flower beds.


Year 3 - DT

Our Working Lighthouses


Each child designed their own lighthouse and worked out how the electrical circuit would work.


We then moved into groups and pooled our ideas to design a shared lighthouse.


We tried to make a wild sea and rocks at the base of our lighthouses.

LighthouseFinally we went into the Art Room with the lights out to see if the lighthouses worked.


They all worked really well. We haven't had any ships crashing into the school since!


Rishton Festival Stall

Felt pens

Year 6 made these wonderful pencil toppers to sell at the

Rishton Festival 2014.

They were made by Wet Felting wool roving.

Every pencil was sold on the day along with many other super craft items made by Year 4 and 6.


Year 6 Miniature Portraits


These beautiful miniature portraits were painted on to tiny canvases after much preliminary sketching and experiments with colour mixing.

portrait frames

We wanted to show them off so the children made little frames for their pictures.


Once dry they were sprayed gold.

Visit the Gallery again soon to see the finished works of art.