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I was in school for a meeting earlier this week and was struck by how quickly the children have once again adapted to school life after the summer holidays. From only a brief visit it was clear from the smiles on the children's faces, and the lovely displays already prominent around the building, that learning at St Charles is an enjoyable and productive experience.

We are pleased to welcome Miss Gunn as our new Year Three teacher, Miss Enticott as a teaching assistant in Year Six, and Mr Welsh, our Sports Apprentice who will help deliver PE and extra-curricular activities. We  hope all three enjoy their time at our school and very quickly feel a part of our close family. Similarly we have welcomed Mrs Ramsay, Mrs Parkinson, and Mr Beveridge to our governing body. All are already making a real contribution to our work.

Before the term started governors met to review our structure and how we govern the school. Traditionally governance has been conducted through committees with the full governing body convening termly to effectively "rubber-stamp" the scrutineering work of those committees. Whilst this has served us well for many years, it does mean, in theory at least, that only half of our governing body have an in-depth knowledge of the school dependent on which committee we sit. If we are to operate at maximum effectiveness, then clearly we need ALL governors to have a broad awareness of all areas of school life.

We therefore made a decision that from the Spring term onwards we will dispense with committees and conduct our business through bi-monthly full board meetings. In preparation for that change all governors have been assigned specific responsibilities aligned to our strategy and the school development plan. Each govenor will keep colleagues fully updated with developments or plans which fall under their remit.

Governors were also grateful for the invitation to attend the staff INSET day at the beginning of the month. This year we will be the subject of an RE Inspection by Salford Diocese and it was enlightening to hear of the plans that Mrs Troughton has drafted to ensure that RE remains at the very heart of our school life. It also gave governors an opportunity to inform new staff of our strategic role and that our core duty is "thinking" rather than "doing." That said we will retain a presence in school from time to time to see our strategy in action.


Can I please close by asking all parents and carers to consider our links with our church? This is a time of restructuring in the Diocese and the Bishop has proposed our parish merges with those in Great Harwood and Clayton Le Moors. We may possibly see changes in clergy and potentially the buildings used for worship. If we wish to see St Charles Church remain open we need to create an irresistible case. We can only do that by significantly swelling our Mass attendances and support of other parish events. An ideal opportunity is to support our monthly Saturday evening Family Masses. Please consider coming along, singing along to the wonderful music, and enjoying a coffee and a chat afterwards. It's our community. Let's keep it thriving!


Neil A Yates

Chair of Governors