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Dinner Money and Menu


Dinner Money

The price of School Dinners is £11 a week. 

The daily price of a dinner is only £2.20, a very reasonable price for a very nutritious and well balanced meal for your children.

Please continue to pay each Monday, by sending the money in a sealed envelopemarked with your child's name and class. Alternatively, you can pay for a 3 week block costing £33. Thankyou.


We have changed the way our school dinner system works. To view our NEW School Dinner Menu which starts from Monday 21st November, click here . To read our letter explaining the new system, click here.

Friday Dinners

Your child is now able to buy a School Dinner each Friday. If you don't want the commitment of paying for a full week of School Dinners, why not send in £2.20 each Friday, and let them sample our delicious, nutritious food? Please note that the Money should be sent in a sealed envelope, labelled with your child's name and year group, each Friday.