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Our Commitment



Under our governance St Charles will be a place where all children are safe, valued, and enjoy their learning in all its forms. We will encourage an environment where each child can achieve their potential in everything and offer them the opportunity to excel at something. We will govern a school that fosters a clear ethos of friendship, compassion and support based on the teachings of Christ. We will govern a school where there is a “buzz” and children want to come to school every day.

We will govern a school where staff are happy, committed, eager to develop, and help each other. We will be a source of support for the Head and senior leadership. We will be accessible to parents and build strong links with our wider parish and local communities. We will communicate this vision at every opportunity, constantly striving to “Bring forth Christ” in all we say and do, in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic faith.

We will have a clear strategy for the continued improvement of the school. We will hold the Head rigorously to account for the educational performance of the school. We will ensure the school gives value for money and allocates its resources wisely. We will embrace opportunities to develop our own knowledge through training and adopting best practice. We will visit school whenever possible to assess the impact of our strategies on teaching and learning.

We will ensure that every single child who leaves our school looks back on their time fondly, has had the opportunity; been challenged, to reach their potential and has received the finest Catholic education in a nurturing, enjoyable, tranquil, and fulfilling setting. We will strive to ensure every child who leaves us has developed a thirst for learning, a desire to question, and has the confidence to dream.

We will do all of the above because it is our duty and privilege to so do.