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School Council


At St Charles' we run a school council. Each pupil has the opportunity to vote for their peers, to elect 2 councillors, one boy and one girl,for each Year group.  This vote takes place once a year. Once the councillors are nominated, they represent their year group in meetings each term, to discuss items which are raised by the children in class. 

The School Council is seen as a partnership between pupils and teachers, and allows pupils to air any concerns, report any problems and discuss ideas for the school.

 Over recent months, the following items have been discussed during the council meetings:

  • Posters needed around school, to promote harmony and avoid falling out with friends.
  • More toys needed for wet/dry playtimes.
  • What bothers people in school?
  • Would the infants like the juniors to help out at playtime?
  • Is a rota needed for the skipping ropes at playtime?
  • Brain Gym activities suggested to start each day in class.
  • Discuss a Buddy System.

These ideas are then reported back to each class, by their representative, and discussed as a whole class, during Circle Time.

We see our School Council as a great opportunity to allow our pupils to work together, discuss any worries they may have and promote new ideas for the school.